My Advice to You: 4 Lessons Learned at IU

I've been at IU for over half a semester now, and I can tell you that it gets better everyday. The experiences to be had at IU are limitless, it's just a matter of being willing to go out and find them. The friends I have made are incredible, and the school constantly amazes me with it's beauty and spirit (See Also 10 Reasons Why I Love Being an IU Hoosier ). With all that said though, I've definitely learned a few lessons (ranging from silly to important) and I want to share those with you:

1. Time Flies

Whether it's that you sit down to start your homework and suddenly realize it's 2 in the morning or you're amazed (like me!) that Thanksgiving Break is only about three weeks away, the time just flies by. Make sure you're making the most of it! 

2. Be Organized

The work load is unreal for some classes, yes, but everything is completely manageable if you make yourself a schedule and stick to it. Plus, if you get all your homework done during the day, you're completely free to laugh with your friends, catch a movie at The Union, get caught up on your Netflix shows, or just get some much needed sleep. In addition, being organized will help you be a lot less stressed and that will make your life so much easier. I recommend utilizing a calendar and rewarding yourself for a job well done (finished your k201 homework? Celebrate with your friends at the Creamery). 

3. Try Something New

Never had Turkish food before? I hadn't either! But then a friend took me to Anatolia on 4th street and it was delicious! There are so many cool new foods to try and new experiences to have here in college. In fact, in a few short weeks, I have the opportunity to participate in IU Dance Marathon where I will be dancing for 36 hours to benefit those who can't. I am extremely excited to not only help an amazing cause (Check it out! but have such an incredible experience with amazing people. My next adventure will be intramural dodge ball which I can't wait for. I hope you try new clubs, new foods, and step outside your comfort zone to fully get the college experience because there is so much out there, especially here at IU.

4. Show your Spirit

This school is truly amazing. The sunsets are beautiful, the leaves are now colorful (see the picture below), and the spirit of Hoosier Nation is palpable everyday whether that be at a basketball game or just on the way to class. Rock your IU gear, we go to an incredible school and I couldn't be happier that I'm a hoosier.

Until next time, I hope some of this advice is helpful to you and you take advantage of all IU has to offer.


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