For When You Miss IU in the Summer

The weirdest part of moving out of my dorm was seeing it so empty. So much can happen in a year in one single room that seeing it empty makes it hard to believe that so much time has passed from the time you moved in to the time you're moving out. But the experiences I had in one year, the amount I feel I grew as a person, how much I laughed with my friends, how many memories I created, that remains a part of the history of that room even now that I don't live in it any longer, which made it a harder than I thought it would be to go home for the summer. 

Everyone tells you college is going to be awesome, but nothing quite describes just how incredible of an experience it will be. You will make the friendships and memories they talk about in all of the admissions presentations, but they don't tell you just how much you're going to miss it over the summer, even though you're definitely excited to have a break from homework. Being home for the summer has so many perks but that doesn't mean you can't count down to the next time you'll be back at your new home. So here's a list of ways to best take advantage of the time you're away from school.

1. Reflect on all you've learned in your freshman year

I can tell you that I am definitely not the same person I was when I started my freshman year. I think I became more confident, more self sufficient, and more open to embracing change.

2. Spend time with your parents 

You've been away for about 9 months, so even though you wanna catch up with your high school friends, take some time to catch up with your parents as well. 

3. Keep in contact with all the friends you've made

Send pictures, create group messages, utilize #tbt, and countdown to when you'll see each other next. 

4. Get a summer job

You're gonna be bored by the second week if you don't and it's always nice to return to school with a little extra cash in your pocket. 

5. Don't be ashamed of taking a few days to do nothing

You don't get that luxury at school, so take some time to catch up on some sleep and relax.

6. Spend time only with people who make you feel good about yourself

Just because you're home for the summer, doesn't mean you need to see people you don't wanna see. If there were people in high school that didn't make you feel so great, don't bother catching up. Leave the past in the past, you have had an opportunity to start fresh this year and you don't need any negativity to ruin your summer fun. 

7. Share stories of your year away

School is an amazing experience, share those positive thoughts with your loved ones.

8. Take any opportunities presented to you

Be that at work, in a friendship, travel wise, or personally take advantage of any and all opportunities. I had the opportunity to travel to London this summer with my family, and it was amazing to see their culture, traditions, monuments, and history. Here's a picture of me at Stonehenge, which was definitely one of my favorite parts of the summer:

Summer flies by and will be over before you know it, so embrace the short time you have.

Go Hoosiers

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