TMI: Nicole Marcotte

Basic Info:

- I am a proud Indiana Redstepper. Technically though, after my last performance I became an alumni of the life-changing program. 

- "I'm an Indiana ADPi, and will be one 'til the day I die." Scary. And yes, those are lyrics to one of our many catchy sorority songs.

- I am a journalism student, however, I do not want to work for a newspaper. Just so everyone knows and I don't get asked that right away like I do every time I tell someone that. There is so much more to journalism. 

- I graduate in May. I can't think of a clever pun to go with that statement because it saddens me when I think about leaving IU. :( 


- spaghetti

- pandas and sloths 

- ballet (I go to at least one on-campus ballet every year!) 

- How I Met Your Mother

- anything Disney 

- sports on sports on sports (Detriot Red Wings, Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bulls)

- reading (I <3 my Kindle)  


- the carpet at my sorority house (hunter green...yikes!)

- bacon

- when people wear gym clothes but don't go to the gym...

- "that person" who insists on packing onto a crowded bus, only to get off at the next stop 

- math (I still shudder at the sound of the word "finite")

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