The Greatest Day of My Life

First of all, let me tell you that I will never, ever do anything cooler than what I did on this day. This one day has surpassed all 22 years-worth of days I have lived in awesomeness and bragability. This may be an exaggeration, but my wedding day will not be as memorable, nor will the birth of my first child be remotely comparable. A few years down the road I may regret that sentence, but right now it makes sense. 

The most amazing day I have lived and may ever live was the day I went to the Super Bowl. 

But I didn't just go, I was in it. All thanks to a decision I made in May of my senior year of high school....and really incredible luck and connections.

As I was contemplating which institute of higher education to attend, I looked for three things: lots of majors (I was that awesome undecided freshman), opportunities for lots of new friends, and a football game-designated dance team. I knew I wanted to continue dancing after high school because I knew I just wasn't done yet. I also had secret dreams of becoming a pro cheerleader one day. Most college kids leave their old passions behind when they enter the university unless they keep it up leisurely on their own time. Some of us have issues with letting go of those passions. 

I auditioned and made the Indiana Redstepper Dance Team as an incoming freshman and am proud to say that I kept it up all four years. Dedicating 20-30 hours a week to supporting a football program like IU's is not the easiest thing to do, but every minute of it was worth it. 

Most athletes fantasize about someday going to the ultimate competition. Whether it be the Stanley Cup, World Series, Olympics, etc. I lived my fantasy of the Super Bowl at the end of my fourth and last Redstepper season. We performed pregame minutes before the teams were to take the field. 

We are regulars at half time of Indianapolis Colts games and have even ventured north to Chicago and performed at Bears games. The NFL somehow did not have enough pre game entertainment, so the Colts suggested the IU Marching Hundred, which id accompanied by the Redsteppers. Lucas Oil Stadium was filled to the brim with drunk, happy fans and celebrities were around every corner. The sound of their cheers sounded like something from a movie. 

We were stationed in the south west tunnel with the Patriots Cheerleaders before we made our grand appearance. Various celebrities were being shuttled into the stadium through our tunnel in beige golf carts. Tom Brady's wife and Victoria's secret model, Giselle, even told us we looked pretty! The cheerleaders were the most beautiful women I have ever seen and we all stood there smiling at each other, knowing that we were all about to be realizing our wildest dreams.  

As I was performing, I kept sneaking peeks into the audience in case I saw my mother, who somehow bought tickets to this expensive event. I couldn't see her where she said she is sitting, and gave up on the task until I turned around and saw her in the first row of seats from the sideline. My mother, the insane dance mom she may be, had wormed her way to the closest seat possible just to see me! It was such an incredible surprise!

While I was living my dream, star quarterback and MVP Aaron Rodgers was a guest analyst commenting on the two competing teams. He and the other analysts were stationed on a platform infront of us. His segment was televised, and because we were behind him, we snagged a few seconds of television time as well. 

And yes, as 111.3 million people were watching Mr. Rodgers express bitterness over the Giants, I was the goon in the bottom corner waving to my mom. Very smooth. 

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