Giving Back At Indiana University: Greek Philanthropy

IU is one of the easiest schools to get involved in regards to community service. Not only do I give back more than I ever have before since joining a sorority, IU's strong religious community helped me this past semester. As a practicing Catholic, I chose to partake in the Lenten season. 

IU has a strong religious community, no matter which affiliation. I have been to all kinds of religious services and decided to continue practicing what I was raised on. So as my sorority sisters were contemplating giving up fatty foods or social media, I decided to give up selfishness and be more philanthropic.

Being Greek at IU gives me plenty of opportunities to give back. I joined the philanthropy committee for my chapter this semester. I am in charge of planning activities for our national philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House. So far I have led my sisters in cooking dinner at RMH and made Valentines for the families that have to spend V-Day with their children in the hospital. I plan on cooking more meals and giving the families needed toiletries and comfort during the Easter holiday. I also have made it a priority to attend other chapters' philanthropies.

Sigma Chi and Beta Theta Pi host an annual hockey game to support colon cancer research. This year, they decided to name one sorority woman "Ice Queen" to drop the puck at the game. One woman from various sororities competed in a contest of hockey-related trivia questions earlier in the week of the game and I won! It was really fun to drop the puck (not to mention successfully walking on bare ice in heels) and it felt really good to help out fellow Greek students and give my time for a worthy cause.

In addition to Greek philanthropies, there are many Internet resources that I vow to take advantage of daily. gives ten grains of rice to hungry people every time you answer one of their trivia questions right. Usually the questions consist of vocabulary, so there is another use for all that SAT studying in high school! is a site that gives one cup of food for every click this button on the site receives. They make money off of the advertising on the site and users may click once every day! 

As I graduate in the next few weeks, I might continue to be philanthropic. My sorority has given me a good foundation for giving back and I may be spotted in the next few months checking out volunteer opportunities at the Ronald McDonald House in central Florida. 

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