My Top 5 Tips For Incoming Freshmen


Most of us only get four years to enjoy our college experience. For that reason, it is important that we make the most out of every school year, every semester, every week, and every day of college. I am sure you all heard at orientation about how many clubs and activities IU has to offer. I can promise you that if you are bored in college it is probably your own fault, and it should be a wake up call to get involved. Greek Life, student government, charity events (like the Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 5K), the list goes on and on. Also, be sure to check out our B1G athletic events! Tailgate before football games, go to basketball games, or even check out our underrated baseball team and you will not be disappointed. Go to Little Five and be a part of the greatest college weekend known to man. Never be afraid to rep the candy stripes at any sporting event, either! Get your nose out there, meet people, and I guarantee it will help make the most of your college experience.

Go to the involvement fair, every fall in Dunn Meadow!


As a freshman, college life can be a very overwhelming thing. There are going to be temptations of all kinds looking to steer you away from your academic goals. College is when you become mentally tough. You will learn very quickly that academics are a priority at IU for yourself and classmates, and chances are you will find out the hard way. There will be a time on a Thursday night when you have two options: go out and participate in "thirsty Thursday" festivities, or study for your 8AM exam the next morning. Once again, you will probably learn the hard way that taking the scholarly route is probably the best way to go. You live and you learn, and that is what Freshman year is all about.

Use the study tables in the "stacks" (East Tower) and you will have nothing to stop you from studying!

You will have a love/hate with good old Herman B. Wells Library!


As I said before, college can be a very overwhelming time in our lives. You will experience stress that is unmatched. For this reason, stress relief is a must. Besides going out and enjoying the weekends, you need to find time to relieve stress during the week, because that is when you will need it most. Some suggestions: take a one credit hour class that will break up the day. I took both billiards and bowling my freshman year and found that the only thing on my mind in those classes was the activity I was partaking in. Another suggestion is to find something to do outside of the classroom, like exercise. I always ran around campus with my roommate during the evening after long nights of homework or studying. Anything that will help calm you down will be a necessity, especially if you are taking some hard classes!

Take advantage of the WIC and the SRSC. Free with a swipe of your Student ID!


This tip is from all of us who have been in your shoes before. Just because you are in college now does not mean you are invincible, nor does it mean that you are smarter than the 35,000 others around you. If you do something stupid in your dorm or out in public, chances are that you WILL get caught for it. In a matter of seconds you can kiss that business degree good bye and move back into mom and pop's basement and go to college in a building that houses a bank in one half, and a college with four majors in the other half. Trust me, many of my peers that went to IU did not last long! Also, always watch your back. Try to never walk alone at night and definitely do not walk alone with headphones in. If you ever feel unsafe walking home at night, IU offers a Safety Escort service for FREE for all students and faculty. Once again, you likely only get one chance at the college experience, so don't mess it up for yourself and your future.


As a sophomore, I can promise you that my freshman year of college flew by faster than any other academic year of my life. This was probably because I had the most fun I have ever had in my entire life. Every once in a while, when watching the Hoosiers play at Assembly or while walking to class, just stop whatever you are doing and take a look around. Remind yourself how lucky you are to be at one of the greatest universities in the country. Never take this experience for granted and I guarantee you will have the best four years of your life!

P.S. Learn the school song before you go to a game. Let Martha teach you!

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