NickyB in the Blogg-House!

Hello Internet!

My name is NickyB and I am an Indiana University student graduating in 2015. I am from Fort Wayne, IN and am studying Biophysics. I am hysterically awesome and try to be the life of a party when I am not sticking my nose in a book. Basically I either study or party or sleep or workout. 

My most cherished accomplishment is being voted Prom King in prom of my senior year! I am told that is not something I can put in my resumes or applications, but I feel that accomplishment will take me places in life! I get good grades, but don't tell anyone or it will ruin my street cred. 

I am just a normal college kid who has had some great experiences at Indiana University and will have many many more. Maybe my experiences will inspire some young mind to choose to come to IU!

My Twitter is FutureDoc2015

I just use it to post funny stuff so check it out for a laugh!

BEE-TEE-DUBS this is my Halloween costume that I was very proud of! (I'm a guy caught in the wind)

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