Welcome To My Sporadic Life

Hello All!

It is such a gorgeous day. I am feeling oh-so-peppy!

 Pause, I call this one "Bronze Bunny".

Resume. This was not the case this morning, but that is a story for another day. As my first post on WeAreIU.com, I wanted to give you a little insight as to who I am. Get ready to be amazed (not really), as I unveil to you the best thing to ever strut Indiana University's campus! Yay!

Let Us Begin Our Journey...

It is apparent that everyone’s life is extraordinary in some fashion. My life is definitely no exception. I live a get-up and go lifestyle, late nights and most certainly early mornings. Be a mover and shaker or get run over by those ready to bulldoze their way through your aspirations and goals.

I am the Miss Nia Bonnafon-Mosley, a sassy junior ready to save the world, while looking freaking fabulous doing so. “Hop up out the bed, put my heels on” is a motto I live by, and most of the time I do just that. Don’t get me wrong; I have my down days just like the ordinary, lackadaisical college student. Nonetheless, I am a woman on a mission. I analyze just about everything on a daily basis. For example:

“I wish my professor would understand that this weekend is Lil 5. I know she knows I did not even attempt to read all 152 pages and write a deep, analysis of the African American slave movement!”

I am an International Studies major with a concentration in Global Health and Environment in Latin America. Let us all cross our fingers and pray that I get accepted into this study abroad summer program on health, nutrition, and related environmental issues of the Latin American and Caribbean Region in the Dominican Republic. To say the least, I am a mysterious individual, enjoying my college experience at all twists and turns of life. For the hundredth time, welcome to my sporadic life!

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