A Sisters' Circle - An Excellent IU Organization

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Recently I attend A Sisters’ Circle book club here on campus in the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center. Let me tell you. The club is simply amazing! It is unofficially hosted by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, and commences every first and third Wednesday of each month. The club was just launched last semester in fall of 2011, and it has become quite a success. To say the least, A Sisters’ Circle is more than just a book club. It is a support group.

Last semester the reading of choice was “Men Don’t Heal, We Do” by Steven James Dixon. It is a book about the emotional instability of men. From the talk of it, the book was pretty interesting. Unfortunately, my fall semester was extremely busy and as a result, I was unable to read the book and attend the meetings in my leisure time. Nonetheless, I am excited to see what all the hype was about once I obtain my copy. It is available in paperback on Amazon.com for $19.99.

This semester the club is reading T.D. Jakes’s “The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord.” The book exhibits how today’s women improve their relationships with their men, their God, and themselves. This is the book the women in the above photo were discussing. OH MY GOSH! They were balling in that room. I mean, tears for crying out loud! Each of these women that attend this day had something happening in their life that was being portrayed in the book. When I tell you everyone was so supportive and understanding, they absolutely were. We had to bring out the tissue box! Needless to say, the book is amazing. I encourage you to go explore it and to attend A Sisters’ Circle every first and third Wednesday of each month. I received my copy via the club; hence, my photo to the right. If you cannot afford your own book, the club does buy extras, however, let it be known that you need a book sooner rather than later because they are snatched up quickly.

I suppose you’re thinking most of the books that the Club reviews are those about woman empowerment, right? I suppose you could assume so to a certain degree. After all, the club is called a A Sisters’ Circle (a circle of support). Moreover, the club offers the chance for book lovers to come together and explore an array of readings that further add to our knowledge. Amazing if you ask me!

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