21st Birthday Adventure

PS: Playing but Serious

I'm not as conceited as it may seem. I was an only child for 13 years of my life; thus, this would account for my animated personality.

Last Wednesday, February 22nd was my birthday. In celebration of my 21st birthday ("Celllll le brate good times c'mon!" ... quick dance session), I hit up the Bloomington bar scene.

I graced the Bloomington night life at midnight as an official 21-year-old! We went to KOK (Kilroy's On Kirkwood for those of you that don't know.) No one told me before hand that I needed two forms of ID, that I needed to pay $2 to get in, and that I would be stamped on the inside of my wrist after paying the cover charge. I looked like an amateur. Embarrassing.

In other news, I did not plan on really having more than one drink. I GO OUT TO BE SEEN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Needless to say, I was tipsy within the first 45 minutes. I had my fun because I waited to drink until I was 21-years-old. Back to the normal life for me.

Toddles ... Nia.

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