Let it Snow: 3 Ways to take Advantage of the Cold

Just because the warmer seasons are temporarily behind us now, doesn't mean you should let the winter months pass by without enjoying them to the fullest!  

1.  Play in the snow!  Whether it's making a snowman, grabbing some friends for a snow ball fight, or finding a hill and going sledding, go outside and enjoy the fresh flakes.

(A picture of my friends and I attempting to sled!)

2.  Have a movie marathon pajama party with some friends!  On nights where it's too cold to go out, or if you're just feeling like having a lazy day rent movies from the MMM in your dorm building.  (My friends and I have been working our way through the Harry Potter series)

3.  Go down Kirkwood and find your favorite coffee shop, nothing says winter like a nice cup of hot chocolate.  

For other things to do:

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