50 Shades of Green: 5 Reasons to Love Campus

Before applying to IU, I had never been to the Midwest.  It seemed as though there was this stigma that I was setting myself up to attend college in the midst of a cornfield.  Upon visiting campus for my first time last March, however, I immediately fell in love with the beauty Indiana has to offer!  Here are five reasons why I adore campus and why you should too.

1.  Everyday is like walking through a magical forest


(Seriously, this is my walk to class)

2.  The Showalter Fountain

(Great place to hangout in between classes)

3.  The Arboretum

Feeling stressed out?  Come sit down and relax in this tranquil haven.

4. The Sample Gates 

5.  There is always an awesome to place study (Or have a picnic)

The only real way to experience all Indiana's campus has to offer is to come visit and see for yourself! 

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About The Author
Nadine HermanClass of 2017, Journalism Major, Mountain View, CA

I'm a California girl, born and raised, who's excited to explore what it means to be a Hoosier.