IU Orientation - Tips for registering for classes

It’s just about orientation time!
Orientation is fun and exciting. It gives you a taste of what your life will be in just a few months. Although it may be a lot to take it, make sure you’re friendly and outgoing; the friends you make at orientation will be your first few friends on campus. It’s nice to have just a few phone numbers and familiar faces to turn to during welcome week.
One of the most important parts of orientation is scheduling classes. When deciding on class times and locations, I had no idea what I wanted…I wish I had. Here are some tips and pointers on time and location.
-3rd street classrooms such as Swain East and West and Rawles Hall take FOREVER to get to because they are on the opposite side of campus. Any classrooms between Jordan Ave and Jordan Hall are okay…they don’t take too long to get to.
-LOTS of classes are held in Ballantine. I would avoid all classes there…the temperature isn’t well controlled. But if you MUST take a class there, you should REALLY avoid taking any on the 3rd floor. You have to take 4 flights of stairs (due to the ground floor) which are at exactly the worst height to comfortably take a step. Not to mention, when it’s warm outside it’s really hot in the building so you end up drenched in sweat by the time you reach the 3rd floor, or in the winter you’re bundled up in warm clothes so you’re sweating then too. It’s miserable. AVOID BALLANTINE.
-Jordan 124 (lecture hall) has awful cell reception. My phone roams the whole time and it sucks the battery up.
PS: You might take into account that I lived in Teter (Central neighborhood). These suggestions might not be true if in a different neighborhood.
I HATE classes later than 5, especially first semester. It’s miserable walking back in the cold darkness alone once it gets to be winter. I also hate classes earlier than 10…it’s hard to please me. I also like my classes back to back, no more than an hour apart. There’s not enough time to go back to the dorms, but carrying all your books to do homework between classes sucks too. I feel like a pack mule. So, if possible, I suggest scheduling classes close together 15-20 minutes between each class minimum, 1 hour apart max.
I hope these tips help…have fun at orientation!

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