Surviving Midterms: The Wrong Way and The Right Way

My First Midterms at IU

I will say that I got lucky with my courses in terms of midterms this semester. I had one in Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication and one in Finite, which if you don't know by now, if one of the most fear inducing course titles at IU.

My Journalism and Finite midterms were spread out, with a whole week in between. What I didn't prepare myself for, as midterms approached, were midterms in disguise. They're something every college student should keep in mind.

Sometimes teachers assign a paper while all of your midterms are happening and you have to put just as much effort into them as if it were a normal week. These papers are a way for teachers who aren't big on traditional, sit in a room, fill in scantron bubbles type examination to get you the midterm and finals grades they need, maybe sometimes even more papers stand in for other exams.

I love writing, and was able to make it out alive. That being said, I'm writing this from a layover in the DC airport because going home for fall break is something I really need after these past few weeks. 

Midterms got really stressful for me and that's because I didn't map out my time as well as I could have. I planned for being stressed about my tests, but I forgot that classes didn't stop when midterms started, meaning I still had a heavy homework load, and I definitely didn't plan to write papers while studying.

I think the key to surviving midterms at IU is being really well managed. If you keep a planner, you have to become even more dedicated to doing so. Study time needs to be built in, but so does homework time. 

The most important piece of advice I can give is to go to any and all prep sessions offered by your professors. Chances are the material you cover there is all on the exam. It can be extraordinarily helpful.

Good luck with all of your future midterms, Hoosiers, and I hope this round didn't hit you too hard.

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