My First Week of Classes at IU

After all the fun and craziness that is welcome week, we all eventually have to start classes. The start of classes can seem like a daunting and intimidating thing, especially if you're someone who over thinks everything like me. The thought of starting classes was terrifying. But, as my first week wraps up, let me tell you, its not so bad. 

This is a picture of my dorm room. Welcome week and classes are overwhelming in two completely different ways. After moving into your dorm, making the first of your friends, and getting settled in to a (most likely hectic) social routine, everything seems to come full stop on Sunday night as everyone scrambles to look at maps and figure out what time they're waking up in the morning. 

Most of my classes have so far been great! The professors, even in larger lectures, really do care. I can already tell you after just one week, that pretty much every professor is willing to have a real conversation with you if you make the effort to introduce yourself after class. With plenty of time in between classes and a beautiful room in Collins LLC, getting homework done has actually been surprisingly pleasant. 

At first, homework was one of the hardest adjustments. Without having every class everyday, it can seem like none of its pressing and it can become all too tempting to just put it off. I've felt much better getting things done in advance. I've already experimented with putting off work for one of my classes till late the night before and it only gets harder to do a reading the later you wait to do it.

The scary part of my first week was (DUN DUN DUN) finite mathematics. I'm sure it will get harder, but at least for now, we seem to be easing our way in and my professor seems more than willing to talk to and help out students. 

In a way only IU could, my first week was broken up by the first football game, where IU crushed Indiana State.
Indiana University Football versus Indiana State on August 29,2013

With only one week down, I'm already so glad to be a Hoosier.

About The Author
Anna HyzyJournalism Major and proud Hoosier, 2017
Hello there! I'm Anna Hyzy, a freshman, media scholar, and Collinsite majoring in journalism here at IU. 
I'm coming to B-town all the way from Buffalo, NY (that's an 8.5 hour looong car ride for those of you wondering), but I couldn't imagine myself going anywhere else. I'm glad I get to share my IU experience with you!