Deciding and Preparing to Come to IU from Out of State

Deciding to be a Hoosier

My decision to attend IU wasn't an easy one. It felt strange picking a school so far away and with only four of my one hundred and twenty classmates choosing big ten schools, it felt even stranger. Ultimately, though, its ok to feel strange. Something happened when I got on campus in Bloomington. I felt more comfortable than I had at any other university. I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to wear cream and crimson, I wanted to walk to classes through Dunn Woods. I was enchanted by everything about IU. Though it took me a while to admit it, after I visited IU, I couldn't have possibly gone anywhere else for college.

If you're seriously considering moving out of state to come to IU there are two very important pieces of advice I have for you as you wrap up your decision:

  • Don't let anyone else decide for you. Your college education should be YOUR decision. If you feel at home at IU, don't let other people's opinions stand in your way. Don't worry about what your friends might think, what your teachers might think, or how crazy it might seem.
  • Make sure your decision is well thought out. I'm coming 8.5 hours from home to be an Indiana Hoosier. For me, I know it will be worth it because IU already feels like home, but the distance can be very stressful. Whether or not you're able to handle being in a different state from your family is a personal thing and you need to really give yourself time to think about it.

Preparing for Welcome Week

As freshmen move in day rapidly approaches (exactly two months from today AHH), I'm working hard to get ready for IU and I think I've come up with a couple of ways to deal with the stress. I hope they can help you out!
I didn't know a single person who was attending or who would be attending IU when I applied. If you're coming from out of state, the fear of not knowing anyone is probably one of the biggest issues you're having with getting ready. My answer to that is put yourself out there. Don't be afraid to use to IU facebook app to meet classmates and dormmates before arriving on campus. If you want to, you can even use facebook to try to find a roommate in advance to make yourself that much more comfortable with coming to IU.
At orientation, talk to as many people as possible, try to make a couple of friends, and try to have fun.  Yes, orientation is about choosing classes and registering for tickets, and learning about sfety and financial procedures, but its also about welcoming you to the IU family. 
For out of state students (myself included) the thought of somehow moving from home to the dorm can be daunting. Just try to keep on top of this and remember that you can ship things to your dorm, and you can pick things up when you get there. 
To sum  up, to make yourself more comforatble witht the idea of moving out of state before you head off to IU you should make sure you do two things:
  • Be social. On the internet and at IU events such as orientation and red carpet days, don't be afraid to reach out. The more people you can meet before you get on campus, the less terrifying the move will be. Remember, all inoming freshman are looking to make friends just as much as you are.
  • Get organized. It can be really stressful thinking about moving and everything you have to get done when your school is far from home. The more organized you are the fewer things you'll have to stress you out.

Can't wait to be on campus!


About The Author
Anna HyzyJournalism Major and proud Hoosier, 2017
Hello there! I'm Anna Hyzy, a freshman, media scholar, and Collinsite majoring in journalism here at IU. 
I'm coming to B-town all the way from Buffalo, NY (that's an 8.5 hour looong car ride for those of you wondering), but I couldn't imagine myself going anywhere else. I'm glad I get to share my IU experience with you!