Introduction: It's Only The Beginning

What's up everyone! My name is Adrian Wynn, I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana and I am a sophomore at Indiana University majoring in Public Management, with minors in Marketing and Human Resources; also planning to get a Business Foundations certificate.

The reason i chose to come to IU is because my mom thought going to a school out of state would be "too expensive". Even though I knew she was right, I fought as hard as I could to get to an out of state school. Obviously I lost. I had to make a choice between IU, Purdue and Ball State. After researching possible majors, talking to other students and google'ing pictures, IU stood out the most and is where I ended up.

Although IU wasn't my first choice, I don't regret being a student on this historical campus. Coming here was definitely a culture shock; I was exposed to things I never though I'd be exposed to and was able to be involved in things that actually fit my interest. Even though i'm only a second year student, I'm constantly being introduced to new concepts, people, resources, ways of thinking and new ways of viewing the world. I believe being an IU student has helped me evolve into the person I am today. I've developed interpersonal skills, I've become more comfortable being around those that are different than me, and most of all, I've been able to establish the plan for my future.

On campus, I have branched out and become a part of many different student ran organizations. I am the Teter Quad representative for IUSA (IUSA is the student government of IU. Members consist of one representative for each dorm hall and multiple representatives for each individual school as well as the off campus areas). I'm involved with Youth Advocating Leadership and Learning (Y'ALL is a student-led disaster relief organizationthat strives to bring back life in areas of great need). So far I have been on one trip with Y'ALL to New Orleans, Louisianna and it was by far one of the greatest experices of my time at IU. I also serve as a student ambassador for the Office of School and Community Partnerships (This office is designed to reach out to the many Indiana schools and communities, through various programs, and encourage Indiana students to pursue a higher education). Those are just a few organizations that keep me busy,of course there are hundreds more that IU has to offer (check out MyInvolvement).

Outside of student organizations, I am an Usher with IU Event Services. YES, this means that during the school year I get to experience almost EVERY IU game for FREE! Everything from IU Volleyball to IU basketball. The IU sports atmosphere is one that is definitely uncomparable.

In my free time I'm usually hanging with the guys, playing pool, watching a movie, making a run to Target, attending some type of wacky IU event or eating!

Now that you know a little about me, I look forward to sharing my experiences in the HOOSIER NATION with you all and hope that you'll be sharing yours soon. Feel free to follow me on twitter (@ThidwickDaMoose --->long story) or add me on facebook.

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