Just Another Day in College Life

Wow, it's only Monday and it seems like I've done so much, yet have so much more to do! But there's nothing wrong with keeping busy, as long as you know it's all either enjoyable or will end up helpful after graduation.

Already, I've been to class, went to work (a job I got thanks to the skills I have already aquired at IU), and now I'm taking a small break to blog while working at the Wells. But I don't have long before I have to head to rehearsal for the University tWits, the comedy troop student organization I belong to.

Sometimes it's easy to feel bogged down on days like this, when you feel like you are just running from activity to activity, but that is part of the fun, part of our college culture! And it's a great help to know that everything I work for today can only benefit me in the future!

Welp, it was great taking a short break, but now it's back to studying for my Medieval Civilizations quiz! Yikes!

~Michelle Shelton

Asthetic and Environmental Design Major and Blogger to the stars!

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