Meet Morgan: Some Interesting Facts About Me

Whether you are a past, present, or future IU student, a parent, IU alum, friend, family member, faculty, or someone curious of what We Are IU is: welcome! My name is Morgan Klingelhoefer (pronounced as HEY fer) and I am one of the newest bloggers here at We Are IU. I will be a freshman at IU this fall and am still in the process of deciding my major. There are so many interesting majors at IU that it is hard to just choose one! During my time here, I plan on being involved in volunteer organizations and experiencing all of the things Indiana University and Bloomington has to offer!

While I am extremely excited to share my IU story, school doesn't start for another few weeks! In the meantime, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself.

I have lived in Indiana all of my life, and cannot imagine living anywhere else! Senior year, I had no set plans of where I was going to college, but knew that I wanted to stay in state. After setting foot on IU's campus and seeing all the beautiful buildings and scenery, I knew it was the college for me. Below are pictures I have taken from my visits at IU in spring and summer. (Yes, the snowy one was taken in March!)

Now, onto some interesting things about me!

White Chicks and A Walk to Remember are two of my favorite movies, but I don't have a preference when it comes to genre...superhero, chick flick, comedy, action, I'm in! Caramello's are my favorite candy. I love my family & friends, they're the best! I play zombies on COD. My favorite color is aqua, followed by pink. I love animals (especially my pets) and to swim with dolphins is at the top of my bucket list. I love to volunteer and cannot wait to continue my passion in college! I am nervous to be leaving everything I love and am used to to come to IU, but I know in the long run it will be worth it. I am excited for all of the opportunities that college brings!

I cannot wait to share my IU journey with all of you! Feel free to contact me on any social media or at

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About The Author
Morgan KlingelhoeferClass of 2017

I'm Morgan Klingelhoefer (pronounced HEY fer) and I'm a senior at IU majoring in Nonprofit Management with a minor in psychology.

I love to be involved and am a part of Leadership Advisory Board, Independent Council, Dean's Advisory Board, and am a blogger & pinner (see our Pinterest here) for WeAreIU.  I also help facilitate leadership retreats with the Office of Student Life and Learning and am a part of IU's IU2U program! I absolutely love IU and can't imagine having chosen anywhere else.

I can't wait to share all of my college experiences, lessons learned, and random things about my time here with you all. Feel free to follow me on social media or contact me at my person email below to talk about whatever your heart desires!