Got Apps? A List of Good, Free Phone Apps Beneficial to College Students

Since we live in an age that is becoming more and more technologically advanced, I found it important to point out some good, FREE phones apps relating to college. While this list is not inclusive, these are some of the applications that I find the most beneficial for day to day use.

1. Facetime/Skype

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While college is amazing, being away from home can be tough. Whether it's joining in on singing to a friend back home Happy Birthday, saying hello to your pets, or seeing your family members, this app can help you stay in touch with those who aren't at IU with you by allowing you to see and not just hear them!

TIP: Stay in touch with your family! Although college life is busy and overwhelming at times, be sure to check in with your loved ones and let them know what you're up to and vice-versa.

2. IU Mobile

This app really comes in handy. IU Mobile allows you to check your IU e-mail, see which washers and dryers are open in your residence hall, look at your class schedule, check your meal points balance, and see when the next bus is arriving to take you to College Mall, along with other various features.

TIP: Sometimes the live bus tracking can be a little inaccurate so be patient! Just be prepared to leave a few minutes early or wait a couple of minutes longer for a bus if it doesn't come right away.

3. College Packing List

Although this app really only pertains to incoming freshman, it is a must have. College Packing List automatically separates things you will need to bring to college with you into categories (dorm, kitchen, class, bathroom, clothes & misc.) and then proceeds to separate the categories even further, as depicted above. It also allows you to remove items that you won't be bringing to college and add ones that aren't already listed. When I was dorm room shopping, this app was a lifesaver in helping me organize what I already had and what I needed to purchase. It also served as a way to double-check that I had packed everything!

TIP: Try to pack like things together. It will make unpacking SO much easier! For other move-in tips, check out one of my prior blog posts here: Move-In Day at IU: 7 Tips to Help Make Yours a Success!

4. Study Blue/Quizlet

For classes that are mainly test based, I have learned that flashcards are a tremendous help for remembering terms and information. Both of these apps allow you to make virtual flashcards and quiz yourself on them, enabling you to see which terms you know well and which you don't. Each app has different features (StudyBlue has a review sheet and quiz feature while Quizlet has Learn and Scatter options), so be sure to see which suits your style before choosing one. Since it's on your phone, which many of us have with us constantly, it works really well in those half hour breaks between classes when you are trying to kill time.

TIP: If you get distracted easily, index cards may be the way to go. These apps are great but if a new text message or e-mail will keep you from studying, it is better to make regular flashcards and set your phone aside and come back to it after studying.

5. Pandora (Spotify, Itunes Radio, Etc.)

Any music app, such as ITunes Radio, Spotify, or Pandora are great for those long walks to class, drawn-out study/homework sessions, or for celebrating a completed assignment or good news. Music is a great stress reliever and can really help better your mood!

6. Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not is an app that helps you save money, and as college students, who doesn't want that? At the bottom, you can pin your favorite stores, which allows you to easily access them and see if they are offering any in store or online coupons. This is a great tool to have when going shopping because it takes away the hassle of searching for coupons and then printing them out. The majority of stores will accept these coupons straight from your phone!

TIP: When shopping, remember that some stores give student discounts if you show them your Student I.D., so if you don't know, be sure to ask!

7. My Fitness Pal

Worried about gaining the "Freshman 15?" Want to keep track of your daily calorie intake? Have no fear, myfitnesspal is here! This app allows you to enter the foods you have eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with snacks, and then breaks it down by calorie intake and nutritional information. It also allows you to enter your exercise throughout the day to see how many calories you are burning.

TIP: Don't stress yourself out about gaining weight at college! There are plenty of resources at your disposal to help you stay healthy, such as the SRSC, registered dieticians, and places such as Eat Right that offer healthy food choices throughout the week.

Have any apps you think should be on the list? Comment them below!

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