The Dos & Don'ts of Welcome Week

It's been almost a month since my freshman year at IU ended and I can't believe I'm saying this but I CANNOT wait to go back!  It's reminiscient times like this when I remember Welcome Week at IU.  I could have used some simple tips before I got there so I hope some of these help!

1. DON'T be nervous...everyone else is in the same situation as you

2. DO talk to people...Welcome Week friends are great to grab lunch with between classes

3. DON'T be afraid of making decisions without the help of your is the time to get used to it

4. DO ask questions when you're confused...the staff are friendly and are there to help

5. DON'T forget to carry your map...getting lost on campus is awful AND embarrassing

6. DO stay in the AC may be terrible but it will be worth it when you meet new friends

7. DON'T be too bummed if you don't get the right classes...waitlists have a way of working themselves out

8. DO take pictures...looking tourist-y is worth it when you go to a school that is so beautiful

9. DON'T forget to look at the weather forecast...being sweaty AND getting lost is even worse!

10. DO have fun...this is an amazing experience and it might seem lame at the time but you'll wish you'd taken better advantage of it if you don't try to make the best of it

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