Little 500 - The Greatest College Week Ever

Little 500.  The ultimate college experience.  Another reason I cannot imagine myself anywhere but IU.  The last week was definitely the most amazing of my life.  There is a reason that Little 500 is dubbed as the greatest college week ever.  There were so many activities, so much school spirit, and so much excitement all over campus.

Many of these activities included concerts such as Mac Miller, Afrojack, and Tiesto.  And, of course, there were the actual bike races!  I went to the Tiesto concert on Thursday and it was the best night of my entire life so far!  I met so many new people at the all-day festival and was blown away by the performances.  I also went to the men's bike race on Saturday and although it was pretty chilly, the experience was amazing.  There was so much energy and school spirit all around me.  It's at events like these when you really feel like a part of something bigger.  You feel like a real Hoosier.  And it's the best feeling on earth.



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