About The Author
Molly CarrollBartender/ Assignments Consultant

Hi Everyone! My name is Molly and I am a SENIOR majoring in Management in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA)  I'm from a small town not too far from Bloomington where the livestock needs fed, the corn fields run for miles, boots are a staple piece to a wardrobe, and no matter if it's cemented into the ground, on a light pole, or nailed to the side of your barn- you have a basketball goal. 

Besides going to school in Btown I am involved in a lot of other things as well.  I am a director for the Student Alumni Association on campus- I direct the IUDM team (Indiana University Dance Marathon) as well as all of our Intramural teams.  I also ride for the SAA's Little 500 bike team, RideOn.  I am a member of the triathlon club as well as an intern for Indiana University Alumni Association.  I put my skills to work at the coolest bar in town as a bartender- come see me sometime! (If you're 21) I'm rather fond of skydiving, eating large amounts of Mexican food, riding my bicicleta, travel and adventure, and hiking with my dog. I am a collection of surprises and I'll tell it to ya straight.  Hope you enjoy!

p.s. Don't let my excitment in my picture scare you- I was in Amsterdam and extremely anxious to get out of the rain and  visit Anne Frank's Annex :)