So, Who is Ready to Move Back?

It's the best time of the year!  Almost time to move back to the beloved Bloomington, Indiana.  I'm getting ready to start my junior year and I could not be more excited!  That first semester back to the greatest town in Indiana is always the best.  It's full of Welcome Week, tailgates, Halloween, and awesome weather.  Come on guys, fall is the best.  Welcome Week.  How do I even begin to describe the wonders of Welcome Week?  Well, it's all of college minus the classes.  So, it's the best way to get your semester off to a great start of meeting new people, making new friends, and creating new memories.  Welcome Week is one of my favorites because it's reuniting with everyone from the previous year.  And i mean EVERYONE.  

My floor from freshman year reunited for Welcome Week 2012.  Bocobo 2, what up!

Tailgating is my second highlight of fall semester and what I look forward to the most.  There is nothing I am more eager to do this year than wake up at 6:30 am to go tailgate in the fields and watch the Hoosiers!  Everyone puts on their best IU attire and fills the tailgate fields so you see nothing but a sea of red.  It's terrific.  All of the streets are packed with past, present, and future Hoosiers.  Not much makes me happier than a four year old with an IU Football jersey!  Oh, and all of the alumni!  They LOVE talking to students; don't be shy.  Everyone is in a great mood simply because they are back in Bloomington.  I've met so many alums at tailgate.  They love sharing their stories of when they were here as much as they love hearing ours.  We are all one big Hoosier family!  GET FOOTBALL TICKETS!  Football games are an amazing atmosphere.  It's full of Sweet Caroline and keys jingling, you'll see what I mean.  GO GO GO TO GAMES!  You may know someone!  I had football players on my floor in McNutt and it was great getting to watch someone you know play a Division 1 game, let alone in the Big Ten!  You will love it, trust me.


My roommates and I getting ready for tailgate

Get ready guys, It's about to be a great fall semester and we are all counting down the days until the first night of Welcome Week.  Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, go meet people!  Everyone is looking for more friends, it's IU for crying out loud.  Go to all the tailgates!  They are great memories that I am happy to have made.  Your homework can wait until Sunday (unless of course you have that dreaded finite midterm, good luck on that.)  Put on your IU attire and rep the best school in the country.  You're only here for four years, make them count!  I'll see you on the tailgate fields!  Look for me, I'm the one in red.  

About The Author
Mindy MetzStudent in Telecommunications

I'm a Telecommunications major and getting a Business minor here at Indiana University. I love this school and learning from the people at it.  I'm involved in Indiana University Dance Marathon and Indiana Memorial Union Board  and am a blogger for  All are great organizations with great peole involved.  I suggest getting involved with any or all!  My plan for after graduation is to move to California and become a writer for television.  Big dreams!