Are you preparing for spring semester just like for fall semester?

Finals were over, that Christmas party went fantastic, and New Year’s Day fireworks were absolutely beautiful.  For a month, we were totally careless about academics and had some great times with our family and friends.  Well, it’s time to bring it all back. 

1. Check your class schedule!

For fall semester, we had plenty of time to meet our counselor, to sign up for classes, and to wait for a spot from the wait-list over summer break.  Winter break is relatively shorter and making sure you have signed up to meet the credit requirement is crucial.  Taking a reasonable amount of courses per semester is also important.  Just because your GPA was a little lower than what you would have expected last semester, taking more credits to boost your GPA up may not be a very good strategy…   

2. Are you involved in co-curricular activities?

For incoming freshmen, fall semester may had been a semester to get used to the new environment and to keep up with academics.  It’s time to be more involved on campus.  Join a club, get an on-campus job, find a volunteer opportunity, and play on an intramural team!  On the other hand, if you joined too many activities that it created conflict with classes during fall semester, cut it down a bit. 

3. Prepare for Indiana Weather…

It was great walking to classes in the morning during fall semester.  It will be a bit different in spring semester.  Walking just to the bus station may be painful enough because of the chilly weather.  Wear winter clothes, (not this…) and make sure to check the bus schedules before the semester starts!

Have a fantastic rest of the break!!

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