The Hot Dog Girl - aka About Me!

I'm sure many are confused about the title of this post, which is why I would like to redirect you here, where you can read up on one of my dad's famous stories and how/why I chose IU.

(Trust me. There will be many, many more stories to come and this gif of Emma Stone basically captures my excitement for IU)

First off, I would just like to say hello to the Hoosier nation, both those currently enrolled and incoming freshman, as I am part of the latter and could not be more thrilled to come to Bloomington in the fall. In fact, I just installed a countdown app for the sole purpose of checking to see how many days of dreary, boring high school that I have left. 

By all means, move at a glacial pace, high school graduation, you know how that thrills me.

(This is my dad and I, who is also a fellow Hoosier, and the Hot Dog Man)

Enough of the jibba-jabba, let's get on to more fun topics, like myself. I'm a native Texan, (no I do not ride horses to school), and I have somewhat of a southern dialect. So, I will stick out pretty much when I come up north. *gasp* We do things a little different in the south, so I'm sure I can bring some interesting southern traditions up north that maybe y'all will like! (There goes the y'all. Crap.)

In the fall, I will be a Music Education major and a business minor, so I'm ultimately trying to see both ends of the career spectrum. In high school, I was really involved with community service, orchestra (I play the cello!), tutoring less-fortunate kids at a place called Brother Bill's Helping Hand, and maintaining a good academic standing all while having fun.

Athletically challenged since birth, I was never into team sports, but I found other things to occupy my time, like cleaning, practicing, teaching myself piano/viola/bass, or watching Netflix. Basically, things that do not equate to exercise.

In terms of personality, I'm really easy to get along with, as I'm very openminded, so if you ever see me on campus, feel free to strike up a conversation. I tend to talk to strangers a lot, whether it be on public transporation, or in a grocery store. Also, my Itunes library spans over all genres of music, so I would be more than happy to discuss that with anyone wanting to find new music.

Random tidbits: I knit, make friendship bracelets, clean, organize, play World of Warcraft, have a slight obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio and the gym, read when I can, love finding new music, only use brown leather purses, love the smell of citrus, have an addiction to Reese's peanut butter cups, and basically pizza is my boyfriend.

Can't wait to meet y'all next year! Go Hoosiers!

PS: if anyone can guess the movie reference in regards to my high school graduation, I will personally bring you your favorite piece of candy sometime during the first semester. Comment below if you know!

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Miller SusensMusic Education Major, Dallas, TX, Class of 2018

Yes, Miller is my first name. I prefer blue cheese bacon burgers on the first date and I'm pretty sure that I only own brown sandals. Lover of yoga, tumblr, pilates, fried chicken, sweet tea, and colors. Member of Alpha Gamma Delta (peace luv alpha gams). Cellist in the Jacobs School of Music. Native Texan. Very, very clumsy.