5 Essentials That Will Help You Embrace the Sweater Weather

Chapped lips, cracked fingers, and the inevitably cold winter in Bloomington: what do they have in common? Yup, they can and most probably will make you cranky. Ugh, who wants that? Voila! These are a few things to keep handy that will help ease your irritation towards the cold.

Lip Balm—or lip butter, lip jelly.

Chapped and sometimes, bloody lips can be visually unattractive and worse, painful. This surely isn’t one of those moments where beauty is defined as pain; instead you get the worst of both worlds. Since you never know when this situation can hit you, it is always best to bring a lip balm—or lip butter, or a lip jelly—wherever you go when the icy weather is around.

Hand Cream—or hand lotion.

Cracked skin on fingers hurt, like a lot—those of you who have had this before are aware of what I am referring to. It usually occurs when your hands are dry, again due to the cold weather. You should have a travel-sized (or a regular sized) hand cream or lotion with you at all times. Why? Because nothing stings more than having to let your cracked fingers be in contact with water or other chemicals, which leads me to the third essential:

(Tech-friendly) Gloves—unless you are tech-free.

tech-friendly gloves

Wearing gloves is another way to protect your hands from drying our or from further cracking. After all, we live in an era where we are attached to our smartphones, which means that the “old-school” gloves won’t be enough; in this case, tech-friendly gloves are the best solution! With these gloves, you don’t have to worry about not being able to update your social media or reply to whomever you are chatting with while you’re on the go!

Furry Earmuffs—or not.


What do you feel when the cold wind hits your face just like that? Uh, I know how that feels; it’s pretty rough, isn’t it? Things will not get any better when you do not have anything to cover your ears, especially when it feels like they’re about to fall off. What are portable, lightweight, and warming for your ears? That’s right, earmuffs! Whether you like it fluffy or plain, a pair of earmuffs is what you need to battle the cold wind and perhaps, keep your ears where they are.

Scarves—or whatever you can get wrapping around your neck.

Now that you've got your ears covered, what’s left when the wind strikes again? Your uncovered neck. Sure, we may already have our warm, cozy coats on but the wind won’t leave our necks alone. Hence, wearing a scarf around your neck is guaranteed to cover it. You will also be able to escape the cold of the wind and have a delightful walk home or to class!

Aside from keeping these essentials around, always remember to drink enough fluid to keep you hydrated and of course, enough rest!

Here are some other tips to help you stay warm and dry on campus.

About The Author
Michelle SetyantoInternational Student Ambassador

An aspiring Finance and Entrepreneurship major at Indiana University Bloomington from Jakarta, Indonesia.