Week Before Midterms

So, in classic Melissa Lee fashion, here I am procrastinating.  One piece of advice that I never follow regarding college life: NEVER EVER EVER PROCRASTINATE! I procrastinate to the point of my author page being deleted (awkward...) and dangerously close to not writing papers.  Also, don't skip class.  Skipping class makes writing said paper extremely difficult.  Just my sophomore year, no big deal.  I have three midterms on Thursday (yup, that's right. 3 in one day) and here I am watching a movie with my roommates and eating delicious home baked chocolate chip cookies. So, I'm actually trying to lose some weight for spring break with the loving support of my roommates (or not so loving considering that they baked chocolate chip cookies) and as it is 10 o' clock at night, I AM STARVING.  Thank God I don't have to be in a bikini this spring break (Scotland, holla!). Also, are you aware that IUBB is happening tomorrow night? Get excited!!

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