Summer away from IU

So, it's the summer and you're not at IU.  Talk about heartbreak.  Let me tell you something about spending your summer away from IU.  Make sure you stay in contact with the friends you've made so far., this is ESPECIALLY important for after your freshman year.  Whether it's through Facebook, Skype, Twitter, whatever, it's important to maintain those friendships.  It's easy to come back to your hometown and just hang out with your old friends without making any effort to keep in touch.  Just remember that maintaining friendships can be hard work, but well worth it in the end.  This is my second summer away from IU, luckily I still have an apartment during the summer so I can go down and visit, and it's rough.  I still keep in contact with my friends new and old and my sorority sisters make it easy to keep in touch.  By keeping in touch over the summer, Welcome Week will be infinitely more enjoyable without having to catch up on everyone's summers because you will already know everything! Have a great and safe summer, everyone! See you in just under two months!!!

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