About Me

Hola, my name is Melissa Lee, as I'm sure you can read you already knew that.  Anyway, I am a Sophomore at Indiana University, the best college ever as I'm sure you've heard especially if you're in-state.  This year I decided to switch my major.  This is kind of a huge deal for me since I've already pretty much committed the the business school.  Now I'm onto bigger and in my opinion better things.  I will be switching to Informatics with a focus in business and a minor in telecommunications.  Now I didn't quit the bschool because it was too hard, but it is really hard.  I wanna get out of the school because I realized that business is not for me and I could never really picture myself coming to work everyday in a suit doing something I never really wanted to.   I am in love with IU basketball and everything about IU, really how can you not be?  Maybe not as much as I love Disney, though.

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