Hi everyone!

I'm sad the weekend has come to an end! I'm sitting in the PourHouse on Kirkwood trying to get some homework done. People from all over Bloomington gather at this nonprofit coffee shop, making it a  great place to study, chat, and people watch. Plus you can get bottomless coffee...good stuff!

Last week was another hectic with meetings, classes, and lots of studying. One of my favorite classes this semester is  HPER C354: Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Gerontology with Dr. Lesa Huber. Last Wednesday we took a field trip to the local rec center to watch a Baby Boomer v. Senior Citizen basketball game. The cheering section.The stands were filled with supporters, and they even had their own cheerleaders! I couldn't help but crack a smile. My class was surprised to find out we had to provide the halftime entertainment in the form of a free throw contest. I came in 3rd place. Holla! The whole experience was a lot of fun.

It took me a while to find my niche at this big school. I entered freshman year thinking I either wanted to start my own business or go into art therapy. Pretty random options! I decided right away that Kelley was not for me, so I declared a psychology major and studio art minor during orientation. Fast forward a couple months, and you would find me struggling over art projects and dreading my psychology classes. I had no interest in psychological research, and I yearned to find a program where the focus was on helping people in a way better suited to my personality. I paid a visit to my counselor, and she asked me if I had heard about the Human Development & Family Studies program through HPER. She told me that she loses many of her psych students to the program every year, and that most of my credits would switch over. I changed my major the very same day.

Now, over a year later, I am thrilled to say I am loving every single class I'm in. I am well on my way towards a BS in Applied Health Science, and I even have time to spare for my three minors. I am 100% confident that I've chosen something I'm passionate about, and I can't wait to see where it takes me!

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