Pimping Out Your Crib

All summer I anticipated moving to IU. I spent hours online shopping for the perfect decorations to pimp out my dorm room. However, after getting all set up and placing my brand new things exactly where I thought they should go, I was dissatisfied to say the least. It didn't feel like home. In fact, it felt cold and unwelcoming and my roommate agreed. I wasn't quite sure what it was that made me dislike it so much, but regardless, for the first three weeks of my time at IU I spent countless hours at the library or the Indiana Memorial Union trying to avoid my sad excuse for a room.

Finally, I knew something had to be done. My roommate and I took a trip to Target and bought a few simple things that changed our tiny living space from feeling like prison to feeling like home. Here are a few dorm decor essentials that will help your room feel like home:

  1. Christmas Lights and/or Lamps- Dimmer lights as opposed to one bright overhead light give the room a really good vibe.
  2. Scentsy and/or Febreze- There is absolutely nothing better than coming home to the newest seasonal scent, my personal favorite being Apples and Cinnamon Febreze.
  3. Floor Rugs- Rugs can pull together a room aesthetically, while making it feel more cozy.
  4. Pillows (Lots of pillows) - There's nothing better than being comfortable. The more pillows the better!
  5. Posters- The more personalized the room, the more familiar it will feel.

There are obviously many other ways to give your room a good vibe, but before you go running away from your room, try adding a few extra pieces to really make it your own.

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About The Author
Melissa RogersClass of 2018, IUB, aspiring magazine editor

My name is Melissa Rogers and I am from Mishawaka, Indiana. I am currently a freshman at Indiana University Bloomington, and I adore the campus. I am a journalism major with hopes of eventually becoming a magazine editor.

Besides being a full time student I also recently became involved with the program Ed2010, a club for students pursuing jobs in the magazine industry. Aside from that I also enjoy running. I ran cross country and track all throughout high school and loved every second of it.

Writing is my passion, and I can't wait to share my experiences and thoughts with all of you!