Holiday Gifts on a Budget

College students are notorious for their constant lack of money, which can make the holidays a bit of a struggle. On one hand I want to show my friends and family how much I care about them through Christmas gifts, but on the other hand my purse is filled with nothing but lint and old Starbucks receipts, not money. However, after extensive research on the endless DIY board on Pinterest I've found a solution. Here are three simple, wonderful, and cheap Christmas gifts that will make the holidays a breeze.

1. Creative Coffee Cups

To make this gift all you need are sharpies in whatever colors you prefer and a glass coffee cup of any color. When making mine I chose to use a white coffee cup and a black sharpie. All you have to do is write or draw whatever you'd like on the coffee cup with sharpie and then put in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. The sharpie will then stay forever and you're left with a creative, easy gift that anyone is sure to adore.

2. Four Piece Infinity Scarf

This one is slightly more complicated. You should begin with four pieces of fabric cut to be 3 foot by 1 foot and either a sewing kit or a sewing machine. I used a sewing kit and sewed the whole thing by hand. Lay one piece on top of the other and do the same for the other two pieces. You should have two sets of two pieces on top of one another. Sew the first set of pieces together along the longer edges which would be the edges that are three feet long on each side,. Then sew the second set of pieces together along the longer edges. Turn each set of pieces inside out so that the seams are on the inside. You should have two pieces of  cylindrical fabric. Basically, two tubes. Then sew the two pieces together at either end so that you have one big circle of fabric. Wrap this around your neck twice and you have yourself an infinity scarf that makes for a terrific and very useful present.

3. Glitter Candles

For this one you will need glitter, Elmer's glue, paper, scissors, and candles. Firstly, take the scissors and the paper and cut out block letters spelling out whatever you'd like. I chose to spell out love, so I cut out block letters for that. Next, lightly glue one block letter on each candle. Then cover the candle in glue and roll in glitter. Let it dry and then remove the paper. You're left with beautiful, glittery candles that will leave any room looking gorgeous.

I hope these DIY Christmas ideas will help you make it through this holiday season just as much as they helped me! I also attached my favorite Christmas song 'Jingle Bell Rock', which I listened to while making these presents.Maybe you can even snag some peppermint hot chocolate and listen to your favorite Christmas songs while you make these phenomenal gifts too!

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