Oh, The Places You'll Go With IU

I know that its midsummer and students of all ages are not ready to be in that school midset just yet. But in the midst of my first summer away from my home state of Indiana, I find myself thinking often about how thankful I am for my time I’ve spent at IU so far.

I am currently interning in Los Angeles, CA as a editor/ production assistant for a television show pilot. My job is demanding and very time consuming but this opportunity would not have been possible without me being at IU. The classes and the alumni are simply the best. I never thought I would utilize both before even completing my degree.

I met my current boss, who happens to be an IU alum, while she was back visiting Btown and touring the Radio/TV building on campus. My class was in this in the lab during her tour and I proved to be at the right place at the right time. She spoke to our small class briefly and I met her and we exchanged information. Fast forward seven months and I’m now working for her in LA, gaining the most valuable experience and networking connections I could have ever dreamed for at my age.

The telecommunication classes I have taken at IU have also given me a leg up. I've worked alongside people who have mastered in their craft for over 10 years and somehow I've managed to keep up with them. I know I would'nt of been able to do this job if not for what I have learned in my time at IU.

This summer, I've been living one of my biggest dreams, to see the west coast for the first time and do something I love. It never would have happened if I hadn’t been at IU. I think about that chance encounter from seven months ago all the time and I know the stars aligned because I was at the right place: Indiana University.

About The Author
Meghan BurkeFilm Student

Hey! My name's Meghan and I'm a junior at Indiana University. I double major in telecommunications and film studies and minor in music. I'm an overinvolved, busy, and hardworking Hoosier and I woudn't have it any other way! I've had the time of my life so far and its only getting better.

I'm in Singing Hoosiers and I'm a founding member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. I work for the Big Ten Network- Student U channel. I'm a movie and tv show buff and I love taking pictures. Future filmmaker is the plan but I'm enjoying every second as a student at IU first!