5 reasons to love internships

Now that we’re at the peak of summer 2015, you’ve probably gotten into the groove of your summer schedule. One of the most popular ways that college students choose to occupy their time during these warm months is by interning. If you’ve already completed an internship - great! Don’t stop there! And if you’ve yet to suit up and get a taste of the professional world, you still have plenty of opportunities year-round. As an internship enthusiast, I’m here to tell you why Internships are a college student’s best friend. 

1. Get experience applying/interviewing for positions

Applying for internships gives you the chance to work on revising your resume, writing cover letters and learning interview techniques. These activities may sound like a drag, but they really help you realize your most marketable skills and give you confidence to achieve more while in college. The career services office is a fantastic resource to get free advice while editing your resume. I would also recommend searching the internet for tips on downloading effective resume templates or learning about how to dress for interviews. 

2. Learn to search for opportunities

You’ll likely be using the internet for most or all of your internship searching. Some of the best sites I’ve used are the IU career services tool (log in and click search all jobs and narrow to internships), jobs@iu, internships.com, internmatch and Indiana Intern. Not to mention a lot of internships can be found on regular job search engines. Also, be on the lookout for emails sent by advisors for internship opportunities that companies have forwarded along to them. 

3. Gain experience in your field 

One of the most valuable aspects of being an intern is learning what it is like to work in that industry. If you’re pre-law and you work as an intern at an attorney's office, you’ll have a better understanding of what is expected of you in that role. Even if you don’t enjoy your internship at a company, think of it as a learning experience! Now you know that you aren't a good fit for that position and you’ve potentially saved yourself years of unhappiness by realizing that career path wasn’t for you. The more internships you complete, the more likely you’ll find yourself confident about your profession after graduation.

4. Better than a part-time job

Bored waiting tables or folding shirts? Pursue a paid internship to take away your minimum wage woes. A paid internship in your field is an awesome alternative to a part-time job that may not be doing much for your resume. There are many 10-20 hour a week internships advertised during the fall and spring semesters. These positions are usually very flexible with student schedules and you’ll often be paid $9-15 an hour to work in an office environment. Much better than sweating behind a grill!

5. Get hired after graduation

Recent studies show that the most important thing that employers look for in a candidate isn’t their major or a big name college, it’s work experience in the form of internships. A lot of employers are now expecting students to complete multiple internships so that they have a variety of skills to bring to the table. Also, if you really enjoy interning at a company and you do excellent work, they may offer you a full-time position after graduation.

Internships are really unique experiences that are almost exclusively reserved for college students. With internships under your belt, you’ll be able to enjoy your four years of college while knowing you’re well prepared for what’s to come after you’re a proud Hoosier grad. 

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