(Video): Welcome Week: Traditions & Spirit of IU!

As we all know, Indiana University runs on tradition. At orientation, we went on a lovely Legends Tour where our O-Leaders tried to jam years and years of history into our brains in a short amount of time. To help refresh our memories, IU had a Welcome Week event called Traditions & Spirit of IU where everyone wore their IU gear and had an excuse to be loud and proud that we go to the greatest school in the nation! And for all you poor, unfortunate souls that somehow missed this wonderful event; whether it's because you forgot, because you were out with your parents, took a nap, took a test, whatever it was that kept you away from the awesome-ness that is IU,  you are in luck! I recorded it, that's right, just for you, and created a nice little video!

Enjoy and excuse my horrid singing!
About The Author
Cheryl FauxBusiness Major turned Aspiring Globe-Trotte. ATL, GA. Class of 2016.

Hi everyone!

My name is Cheryl Faux, (like the animal) I'm a freshman in the Kelley School from Atlanta, Georgia.

I love Mountain Dew Baja Blast and all Arizona products. My favorite animal is a penguin, and if I was any kitchen appliance I would be a mixer because I love baked goods. Also, if I could have a song play when i walked into a room it would be Gangnam Style by PSY. 

I am attending IU on a full ride scholarship. I live in the KLLC and I love it! I am also currently a Brother (and Historian) in the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. 

If you have any questions hit me up on twitter or email me or send me a calling peguin.