The Ultimate Care Package for a college student

Midterms, finals, tests, and balancing classes with a social life. Just a few things that cause most, if not all college students an immense amount of stress. Being stressful sucks and it causes a lot of students to be depressed, miss home etc. BUT FEAR NOT, there is a way that you, a parent, can help your child get out of their horrible college rut; a care package!

So you're wondering, what is a care package? Well, a care package is a package filled with goodies (of all kinds) to make your child happy and remind them that even though they are away you love and miss them.

A question that has most parents stumped is, "What are some things that I need to put in my care package?" Well before we get into that:

DISCLAIMER: All care packages are going to make your child's day.

Just knowing that my mom loves me enough to make me a nice package filled with anything, makes me extremely happy. So don't stress about having the "best" or the "perfect" care package, because each family is different, meaning the things that your child values is different. But I think the most important thing is getting something that is tailored and completely specific to your child. If you could give the care package you made for your student to a stranger, it's probably not individual enough. Here are some tips!

1. Get stuff that they're having trouble getting.

I remember I needed envelopes and stamps to mail my friend's letters and I would complain to my mom about it all the time, and one day I get an unexpected package with all my favorite candy and envelopes and stamps! I was happy that my mom remembered that I needed them and that she cared enough to send it to me. This can be a winter jacket if they don't have time to go to the mall, vegetarian snacks, school supplies that TIS doesn't have or even stamps.

2. Something that they love.

If your child really loves to read, send them their favorite books that they left at home or new books from their favorite author. If you're child plays the guitar, send them guitar picks. One of my friends is an amazing artist and her parents sent her a bunch of sketch books and paints, and she cried she was so happy. 

3. Pictures!

I love pictures and coming to college I didn't bring any with me to college and one day my mom sent me one of my photo albums and flipping through it made me a lot less homesick and now I randomly flip through it when I'm having a bad day.

4. Holiday Theme Care Packages.

My roommate's parents sent her a Halloween care package filled with a ton of candy and decorations (which we still have hanging up in our room) and she was so ecstatic because Halloween in her family is a really big deal, so for them to still think of her on "their day" was something she really enjoyed. This also works well during Valentine's Day if you're child is single.

5. FOOD!

This is the single best idea that you can do for your student. Send them all the comfort foods you can think of. Homemade cookies and brownies, M&M's, Twix, Snickers, all the candy! Because there will be a time that all your child wants to do is crawl into bed, watch Netflix and munch on the candy you sent.

Hope I helped all you parents out there generate some ideas to help you show your students that you care!

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