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I'm Cheryl Faux (pronounced fox) and welcome to my blog!

Before I start giving you guys the best advice ever, I thought it'd be good to give you a little background about me!

I'm a direct admit freshman in the Kelley School of business. On my application I put that I was an Economic Consulting major, but as of right now I have no idea what concentration I want to do. I'll do anything as long as I get to work and live internationally. (Preferably Ireland)

At IU I plan to get involved in SAA, IUDM, IUOA, the International Business Association and plenty of other things that IU has to offer.

I was born in New York, moved to Georgia, moved to Rhode Island, moved to California and then back to Georgia. Now, I know you're all probably wondering, "How on earth did this nomad end up in Bloomington?" Well, I was always interested in the Kelley School of Business; last year, I even attended the Young Women's institute to get a better feel of the school, but, I never got my hopes up to attend because I'm poor and IU was an out-of-state, public university. Then they offered me a scholarship I couldn't refuse, and LOOK AT ME NOW!

I love music and dance! NOTE:This does NOT, by any means, mean that I know how to dance or sing, in fact, I do both HORRIBLE! I believe that in a past life I could sing and dance because I love everything about it! I watch dance workshops on YouTube (and attempt to follow along), love Glee and So You Think You Can Dance, and have just about every genre on my iPod. (Except country. Sorry T-Swift!)

I also like to believe that I have a certain Southern Southern charm at it's best! charm (which is quite lovely according to the photo) that gives me the ability to laugh at everything! So, if you see me around campus, come up and tell me a joke, and I bet we'll be best friends afterwards! 

I'm also a self-proclaimed movie junkie. The fabulous Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino are my favorite directors and because of their wonderful influence on my life, I am obsessed with having my Flip and Canon on me at all times. I have to be prepared because you never know when a Kodak moment will pop up, especially in the land of The Hoosiers!

I plan to talk about a ton of different subjects in my blog. My college career may have started recently, but I have (and will always have) plenty of experiences to share with you. You'll just have to stay tuned! 

Hope to see you around,


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About The Author
Cheryl FauxBusiness Major turned Aspiring Globe-Trotte. ATL, GA. Class of 2016.

Hi everyone!

My name is Cheryl Faux, (like the animal) I'm a freshman in the Kelley School from Atlanta, Georgia.

I love Mountain Dew Baja Blast and all Arizona products. My favorite animal is a penguin, and if I was any kitchen appliance I would be a mixer because I love baked goods. Also, if I could have a song play when i walked into a room it would be Gangnam Style by PSY. 

I am attending IU on a full ride scholarship. I live in the KLLC and I love it! I am also currently a Brother (and Historian) in the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. 

If you have any questions hit me up on twitter or email me or send me a calling peguin.