Living in the Kelley LLC... Pictures & Videos & Links, Oh MY!

If you are a prospective Kelley student, you have probably already watched the KLLC video a million times. You know what video I'm taking about, the video with the corny "hip" music and the voice that repeats "Living in the Kelley LLC, Kelley LLC, Kelley LLC" over and over again. Then the video lets you look into the lives of KLLC students and you learn about the professional development series and then they say how lovely it is to live with kids who take the same classes as you, blah, blah, blah.

Now I'm not saying that the video is bad, in fact, the video is great! But, you want to know what else I know, a girl who was in that video was a freshman when she interviewed for it, she's a senior now. So I guess it's safe to say that the video is definitely outdated.

Well to all you prospective Kelley kids out there, you're in luck because I am here to give you the guide of what it is REALLY like Living in the Kelley LLC. Now get ready for a hefty post.

The first, and most important, thing I want to comment on is a statement that I kept seeing people on the internet say about the KLLC, but luckily, I found it out to be completely FALSE when I got here. And that statement is: How insanely competitive and stressful it is living in the KLLC.

Based on the things that I read I was expecting everyone here to be a snooty genius, sabotage people's computer, cry over a B on a test, and talk about business ALL THE TIME! When in reality, it's not like that AT ALL.

Is this the attitude of depressed kids living in competition all the time?


We don't sit around discussing politics and stocks. We don't raise our noses at SPEA majors. And we don't get super aggressive about grades.

Heck! Some people in the KLLC aren't even business majors! 

We are normal kids who laugh at videos of cats on YouTube and who like to go to frat parties. Yes, party. I know, it's so shocking!

The only difference between KLLC kids and other students living in Briscoe and the rest of McNutt is the amazing opportunities that we have at our fingertips.

Just to give an example, on move in day, The Big Four Accounting firms (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG & PWC) were here to network with us and give us free stuff. (I took a stapler) The day after, they were still here making us play fun games and gives us examples of what it's like to work for them.

Now, think about that. The Big Four, coming to talk to measly freshman, who haven't even taken a Kelley course yet. That is the power of the KLLC!

The next thing that is amazing about the KLLC is how diverse it is. Aside from race and ethnicity, there are some eccentric people who make up even just my floor. 

  • There is a guy who was born in Korea and lives in Tennessee, with the thickest Australian accent ever. He also plays rugby.
  • There is a guy born in China, but raised in Venice named Zi. He likes to give us Burberry fashion advice. 
  • There is a girl from Chicago who has the best freehand artistic skill I've ever seen. (She drew The 16th Chapel, The Mona Lisa and a ton of other amazing artwork on a pair of Keds in 4 hours...)
  • There is a guy from California who is getting paid to come here because he is a Math Olympian.
  • There is a guy, born in Nebraska, whose dad is an ambassador, who just finished living in Kenya for the past 4 years. He's obsessed with Cristiano Ronaldo.

And that is only just a little taste of the amazing people on my floor.

(There are some not so amazing people who I'm just going to call out real quick. I was awakened from my sleep to J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS one early Saturday morning. That is what happens when people from Long Island live on your floor. #justsayin.)

Yet another cool thing about the LLC is that each floor gets a "residential fellow". Which is basically a teacher who loves Kelley students so much that they volunteer their time to get to know us better and give us advice on everything.

I absolutely love our residential fellow. His name is Byron Craig and he is a communications professor. He fits right in with the craziness of our floor. He's in Kelley's Got Talent every year and he has demanded that we participate as his backup dancers. He also likes the show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and we're going to have a watch party for it, which Byron has agreed to bake red velvet cupcakes for! And he said he's going to to be in our floors remake of Gangnam Style!

Another great thing about the LLC, (and the last point I'll make because it's 4 am) which can be a good and negative thing depending on the person, is that the LLC is really what you make out of it. If you choose to sit in your room all day, and not go to all the FREE events that they have for you with FREE food and FREE new friends, you can do that. And you'll be MISERABLE! 

But if you interact with your floor, join a leadership position, make an effort to try to plan events for your floor and act like the corny stuff is great, you'll have a FABULOUS TIME, like I'm having right now. Earlier tonight, a ton of us gathered in our friends room, put on some music and did good 'ol homework. We laughed, got work done and even had cookies and milk, courtesy of Baked!

So if you do get accepted to do the LLC, promise me and yourself this, you'll put yourself out there and be known as the coolest person on the floor. Because that's what people refer to me as, or maybe it's just me, but nonetheless I'm having a fun time and college is about learning and fun! 

Now if you want to look at more pictures of the floor and all the stuff we do, you can check out our Flickr!

Now, for going through all of that, I just want to say Thank You, I know it was a lot to read and take it, but remember you're gaining valuable knowledge because of it!

And now because you read all of that, here is that video I promised!

Last but not least, this video is a teeny tiny smidge of my floor. Enjoy.

Hope I helped at least one person!

Until next time,

Cheryl Faux

About The Author
Cheryl FauxBusiness Major turned Aspiring Globe-Trotte. ATL, GA. Class of 2016.

Hi everyone!

My name is Cheryl Faux, (like the animal) I'm a freshman in the Kelley School from Atlanta, Georgia.

I love Mountain Dew Baja Blast and all Arizona products. My favorite animal is a penguin, and if I was any kitchen appliance I would be a mixer because I love baked goods. Also, if I could have a song play when i walked into a room it would be Gangnam Style by PSY. 

I am attending IU on a full ride scholarship. I live in the KLLC and I love it! I am also currently a Brother (and Historian) in the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. 

If you have any questions hit me up on twitter or email me or send me a calling peguin.