How To Move In From Out of State! Like A Boss!

One of my biggest fears about college was being the only one from out of state. I imagined that all my new friends would go home on the weekends, only hang out with their high school friends and leave me out to dry. 

Luckily, IU has 32% out of state students, which may not seem like a lot, but compared to a bunch of other schools, who have 5% or even 1% out of state, I think it's safe to say, IU is pretty good at outsourcing. (I found out that a kid from my high school's rival [all the way in Georgia, just in case you forgot] is going to be living on the same floor as me. Can you believe that!?!)

Along with, not seeing your family as often as you'd like, and coming in not knowing anyone, one of the major disadvantages of being an out of state student is Move In Day. 

We all know the obvious tips; talk to your roommate so you guys don't end up with multiple microwaves or fridges, don't bring your whole closet, pack seasonal clothes, and only the essentials. But if you're out of state, like me, you might be wondering about the logistics of getting your stuff 500+ miles away from your home.

Essentially, there are 4 different ways to get your things from Point A to Point B; shipping, buying online, flying, and driving.

  • If you're shipping your stuff... Indiana says they won't accept any shipments before August 8th, so when the time comes, ship your things directly to your dorm with your name and room number on it. Also, you might want to use a company that will let you track your package, so you can call the dorm when your package is supposed to show up, and verify that they have received your package(s) and that they'll hold it for you.
  • If you're buying online... A lot of stores, like Bed, Bath & Beyond, let you order all the things you need/want and pick it up in any other BB&B (like my acronym?) location. If you plan on doing this, make you you QUADRUPLE check that you put the right location. It would seriously suck if you're going to IU and accidently put the pickup location in Bloomington, Illinois. Also, make sure pick your stuff up early, I guarantee that you're not going to be the  only person that plans to pick up their stuff from BB&B or any other popular store. 
  • If you're driving... A round trip drive may be quite daunting, potentially dangerous if only have one parent, (you know, with all the tears they'll be shedding when they finally let their child fly from the nest.) so, consider telling your parent/guardian to rent a car, drop you and your earthly belongings off, then take a flight back home. Going only one way with both the car and the flight, might be cheaper than you think.
  • If you're flying... To all the poor, unfortunate souls that live in Western and Southern states like California or Texas, I'm sorry that you're gonna have to fly. And unless you're willing to pay an insane amount of money for all the extra bags, you're probably going to have to combine flying with one of the other moving techniques. All I can say for you is: make sure that you don't fly the same day as move in. I expect moving in to be a very exhausting process, so you should probably check out some Bloomington hotels(perhaps the IMU hotel or the one you stayed in for orientation) so you can relax after the flight and mentally prepare yourself for move in. 

Remember, classes doesn't start until August 20, so you have plenty of time between, making friends, welcome week, finding out where your classes are, to just hop on a bus, for free with your Campus Access card, and head to Target with your roomie and buy things there.

For more information on the move-in process and what and what not to bring, you can check out the Residential Programs & Services-RPS website and read the Residential Hall Move In Guide and The A to Z Guide to Residential Hall Living.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor,


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