Fact or Fiction: The Biggest College Myths

Hey everyone! So I just finished up my first semester of COLLEGE! Wow seems like yesterday when I was excited about going to Orientation; one thing is for sure, time flies when you're having fun. And since I've been home, all my friends still in high school have been asking me for advice and asking me all these things about how my semester went and when I tell them, they're amazed. Their idea of college is so different from how it really is and that's when I realized that it's because of shows like Greek and the infamous movie Animal House are the only source of what college could possibly be like. But HAVE NO FEAR YOUNG 'INS, I have taken all the college myths out there, (aka: in my head) and said whether or not they are FACT OR FICTION

College Myth #1: College is so much harder than high school.

Fiction: Because I am an only child, I didn't have anyone to give me advice about college, no one but my cousins who all went through medical college. So you can imagine my fear about college was when you hear A SURGEON say, "The most frustrating thing for me was trying so hard and always getting a C." It's pretty safe to say that I always figured college was going to be drastically harder than high school, but my darlings this is fiction. Now if you were to substitute "different" for "harder" and you might just be on to something. College is the first time in your life when you don't have your parents breathing down your neck, forcing you to do homework or wake up on time for class. Now a lot of people take this for granted and they stop going to class or decide to study last minute, thus causing them to have a low GPA. So as long as you stay on top of the game and learn how to handle the newfound freedom , more free time, and about a million distractions, you will do fine.

College Myth #2: All freshmen gain 15 pounds.

Fiction: While it is VERY common and easy for students to put on weight (I did) this does not apply to everyone. I know a lot of people who have actually lost weight! And that all boils down to a 2 factors: how easy it is to get food, and how active you are. Based on how many activities you choose to do, you could be looking at an extremely busy schedule where all you could be doing is eat, study, and sleep. But some people find time to exercise and due to their classes and how far they are they get to walk all over IU's beautiful campus. 

College myth #3: College students are poor and starving.

Fiction: This isn't true at all. I don't get if, if college students are starving and eat Ramen all day long, how could they gain the Freshman 15. And from what I see, there are very few students here that support themselves. If it weren't for my scholarship, I wouldn't even be here and that's what I see from A LOT of people. Almost everyone that I know has a scholarship to be here one way or the other. And the ones that don't have scholarships don't need them. 

College myth #4: Finals week is hell.

Fact: Well for me it was. Some people have found out college's life-long secret: Study now (as in regularly, throughout the semester), and when finals week comes, life is bound to be grand. But unfortunately, the vast majority don't, and even if they do, some may have 3 finals, a presentation and 2 essays all due on the same day in a week. REAL STORY. Thus leading to a very unhappy finals week and Starbucks employees having to work extra hard.

College Myth #5: If you go random roommate you'll get stuck with a crazy person.

Fiction: I blame this one all on Leighton Meester. Of course there had to be a movie with the tagline: 2,000 colleges. 8 million roommates. Which one will you get? Of course. So now I ask my friends if they're going to do random roommate and they're like, "Hell No!" Random roommate is probably the greatest thing you can do before you go to college. Think about it, if you room with someone you know, chances are you two are just going to hang out with each other and when that happens it's hard to break away. But if you do random, you'll get to know a new person with separate interests and meet their friends and they're meet your friends, and it'll be a great friend party! I do know people that went random that hated it, (because the person was messy) but I know people that roomed with they're best friend and hated it. You don't know what someone is really like until you live with them. 

College Myth #6: You must choose a major right away.

Fiction: Not only is this not true, it might not be smart. Studies reveal that more than 70 percent of college students change majors at least once. Also, each time you switch majors, you risk losing credits due to different graduation requirements. Better idea: get your core courses out of the way first, then pick a major sophomore or junior year, after you've had the chance to pinpoint your passions.

Myth: The more extracurricular activities you do, the better. 

Fiction: You only have time for so much. When it comes to extracurriculars, less is more; you already have enough to keep you busy. Picking a few select activities and clubs and engaging in them deeply is better than being a part-time member in lots. Remember it's quality, not quantity. Pick a club or activity or two and show great interest and involvement. The leadership skills in these organizations are really what’s going to help you in the long run.

College myth #8: Class sizes are freakishly large

Fact: Hate to rain on your parade, but if you're coming to IU (40,000 students) and expect to take a popular, freshman class and think you're going to be besties with everyone in there. FALSE. Unless you introduce yourself to all 300 of them. It was a really big surprise to my friends when I told them that I didn't make any friends in any of my classes. We're so used to going into a high school class, bot knowing anyone, but then by the end of the year, you guys love each other.That just doesn't happen in freshman lectures*. But have no fear, not all classes are like that. I did make friends in my English class, there was 15 of us and it was class that focused on Game Theory and The Hunger Games. So as long as you take classes not a lot of people sign up for, you can get that small college experience.

*I'm not saying it's impossible to make A friend in one of these classes, I'm just saying you're not going to be friends with a lot of people. And remember most of these classes are early morning classes, A LOT of people are going to either be sleeping, on Facebook, or mad that they're up so early. I was the last option.

Your GPA is everything

Fiction: This is probably the most important myth of all time. There are so many people that stress out about GPA once they get to college. Especially in Kelley. And while, yes, it is important so you can keep your scholarship, apply for new scholarships, study abroad, do programs like the Consulting workshop and the IB workshop. It's not everything! If an employer sees someone with a 3.3 with great leadership experiences, and they have a great interview, they will most definitely give the internship to them, instead of someone with a 3.7 and a resume filled with a bunch of things that they can tell is only there to fill their resume. If you can carry yourself well and have meaningful experience, you will do great! And if you're still not convinced, I know someone with 3.2 that has a job with Target once they graduate and someone with a 3.8 with no job. Think about it. 

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Hi everyone!

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