A Lotta Lovin' for B-town.

Hello, my name is Maya. Um, This is my first attempt at an IU blog.  This is my first time at online blogging.  So, I'm nervous, but I'm excited at the same time!

If anyone understood that reference, it's from a fairly popular YouTube video called "eHarmony Video Bio" that is a spoof on the dating site "eHarmony" and what someone might submit.

Except not.  Because Debbie, here, is obsessed with cats.

Alright, anyway.  Wow, I sure got off topic already. Hm.

This is probably going to be another one of those redundant blogs about "ZOMG, go to IU 'cuz it's awesomeee, brahhh. LOL!"  But in all seriousness, IU is one of my favorite places to be.  Not only does it have amazing scenery, but it also has gorgeous weather, even in the dead of winter.  Every IU Bloomington student can agree that our campus in the winter with the iced-over trees, snowy blankets, and chilly breezes blowing through counts a top 10 most beautiful campus and it  is more stunning than most (especially Purdue).  No matter how badly you don't want to go to class, you still think to yourself, "You know, if I don't go, I'll miss out on this stupendous day."  And that, folks, is just in the wintertime.  Don't even get me STARTED on summertime.  Frisbee in the front, party in the back!  The culture at IU is comparable to none. 

So I know I'm lame for just talking about the weather and seasons, but the beauty of this campus is what makes so many people choose this college.  Another reason people choose to go here is diversity.  You may have seen these tags around campus:

And you guessed it!  I drew the rainbows.  At first, I was appalled at the message this student organization of "www.JesusatIU.com" was trying to spread, so I decided to draw these rainbows with the help of my friend Danae Burrell.  We thought, "Oh, well, they can write their message, so we'll write ours."  We wrote these on a few of their statements, so we thought they'd get the hint.  The plot thickens...

As we're drawing our third rainbow by the theater building, a group of four guys come up and ask us what we're doing.  It turns out those four guys were the ones who wrote the initial message.  At first, I was pissed and didn't want to talk with them because I knew they weren't going to like what we had to say and we weren't going to agree with them. This went on for about 5 or 10 minutes when another man comes up and starts listening to what we have to say and contributes his own thoughts.  

At the end of this conversation, we both realize we each have the right to write what we want, but the reason I wrote that was because it only sounded like they were saying "only heterosexual marriage is right and we're going to explain why we think so on www.JesusatIU.com" but then they explained it to all of us and it turns out there is a speaker, Doug Wilson, coming to talk about his views against homosexual marriage.  Neither my friend nor I knew they were inviting us to watch something. The initial writing on the ground was unclear.  All of us talked it out and all the kinks were completely understood and worked out. We might even go to the forum.  It is called "Sexual By Design" and it is Friday, April 13th at 7 pm in Ballantine, room 013.  

Whether you are a supporter of gay rights or not, I would suggest to go to that, simply because it gives a  perspective from somebody different than you and being knowledgeable can't hurt.  

This is my first blog and I've already talked about a "no-no" or two.  But, this is Indiana, and we in fact, do it big.

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Maya FerrarioClass of 2015, Telecommunications and Theatre and Drama Major