A Recovering Couch Potato

How much time do you spend watching TV every day? 

Maybe you’re like me and have completely abandoned cable television in favor of internet sources like Netflix, Hulu, or Apple TV. Why would I pay extra to get hundreds of channels I will never watch and to sit through three minutes of commercials every twenty minutes? I just want to watch my show! With the Netflix-Apple TV combo going on in my room, I have access to literally anything I would want to watch-at any time. I think I just get really annoyed when a Geico ad interrupts a particularly intense moment during American Horror Story. Don’t get me wrong-the gecko is cute- but I already have car insurance so leave me alone.

The amount of advertisements I see every day annoys me, like the creepy personalized advertisements on Facebook and those obnoxious billboard trucks that drive around campus all the time. I watch television less than 5 hours a week, because I like to think that I have a life. Every hour of regular programming contains about 15 minutes of commercials, so that’s 75 more minutes for me to do something else besides be a couch potato.

Most of us have our ‘favorite shows’ that we freak out over when somebody mentions one of them in a conversation.

 “Oh my god you watch (insert quality programming series here) too?”

“Yes! It’s my favorite show!”

“I knew we were soul mates.”

It can be fun to obsess over a television show and now it’s easier than ever since Apple TV provides whatever I could possibly imagine. I went into seclusion after discovering Lost a few years ago and caught myself up (5 seasons) in time to watch the final season along with everyone else. By the way - I lied when I told friends I had watched  the show from the beginning in 2004, just to seem cool.

I think it’s great to get hooked on shows with friends. My entire floor is currently obsessed with American Horror Story, it’s so damn good. We get together and watch the show, screaming out loud when someone gets killed or the dramatic moment when Lana escapes from the serial killer. I’m a big fan, let’s just say that. Watching the show is fun and I feel like it has brought us closer – in an unusual way.

I also think that people shouldn’t spend too much of their day watching television. It’s unhealthy and we all probably have more important things to be doing. So one or two episodes of the show you’re watching is plenty for a day. Don’t fall into the cycle of, “only one more episode and then I’ll get up and do that thing I keep procrastinating.” Pretty soon it’s 4am and you’re screwed for tomorrow.

Be social and watch a little TV with your friends and talk about it with that person who sits next to you in class. Avoid being anti-social and cocooning yourself in your favorite blanket with a bag of Cheetos and your laptop. It’s just sad.

And don’t even get me started on the Internet.



About The Author
Matt BloomJournalism Major, Class of 2016

Currently a freshman at the one and only Indiana Univeristy. I'm majoring in journalism. One day i'll be an accomplished  writer/musician/artist/chef/globetrotter/businessman/father/inspiration. But for now I'm okay with "college student." I try and do some interesting things, so keep reading if you'd like to join me!

*Note: I have a tendencey of getting obssesed with various types of food for short periods of time and may write about it.*