Thanksgiving Trip To Turkey

During Thanksgivng Break, I had a trip to Turkey where is a totally different country for me. Please allow me to introduce this amazing country for you by photographs taken by me. 

Süleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

There are 450 small and big mosques in Istanbul, Turkey, specificlly in old town Istanbul. 

A man stands in front of Süleymaniye Mosque.

There is bridge between new town and old town in Istanbul. Most of historical sites are located in the old, on the other side, it is very international in the new town. 

A cook prepares the sweet food. 

Turkey is also famous for its food, and the sweet one is excellent. 

A taxi driver 

Like other big capital cities, taking a taxi is good choice in Istanbul. 

A female Muslim 

Everyday, there are plenty of prayers in the Mosques.

A dealer in the market.

There is an amazing market called Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. In Grand Bazaar, there are over 4000 stores in the market. 

An old man fishes.

As a coastal city, Istanbul is a great place to fish. 

Besides Istanbul, I went to Cappadocia area to enjoy the hot air balloon event. In the morning, there are hundreds of hot air balloons by different companies flying away to see the sunrise.

Every hot air ballon has its own pilot. 

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy my photography! 

Matailong Du 

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