Summer in Bloomington

Staying in a college town for the whole summer is a pleasant thing. Here are my suggestions for people who need to stay in Bloomington in summer. 

1. Do not stay at home all the time

I know it's hot here in summer, however, it's the best time to go out enjoy the sunshine and beautiful scene in Bloomington. 


This is a great website for people who want to know what to do in Bloomingtom. You can find every thing you want to know about visting Bloomington. 

3. If you will take summer courses.......

Pay more attention to your work. Summer courses are pretty tight and you have to work harder than the regular semester. 

For myself, the best thing is to go out with my camera. Here are some photos taken by me.

Bloomington is full of art.

The campus is really quiet.

Lake Monroe is the best place for you to fish, boat and hike.

About The Author
Matailong DuIndiana Daily Student Photographer

Indiana Daily Student Photographer, Informatics major, Business cognate, Class of 2014