Get up earlier and enjoy Bloomington Farmer's Market!

If you don't stay up too late on a Friday night, I think it is a good idea to get up early on Saturday morning and go to Bloomington Farmer's Market in Downtown. You can buy groceries such as fresh vegetable, fruits or hot coffee etc. here. They are almost from local farms. Therefore, the quality of them are pretty good. Or if you do not want to buy something, having a walk and talking to people are also enjoyable. 

Here are some photos I took from Bloomington Farmer's Market. 

Wool from alpacas. Looks like pretty nice.

There are many flowers out there. 

People bring their pets here. This puppy is really cute. 

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Matailong DuIndiana Daily Student Photographer

Indiana Daily Student Photographer, Informatics major, Business cognate, Class of 2014