An amazing campus: Indiana University Bloomington

IU Bloomington is named one of the top 50 beatiful colleges by The Best Colleges. If you are a Hoosier, you must be proud of our beatutiful campus. Here are photos I've taken of our amazing IU Bloomington.  

I took this photo from my apartment. Campus View in sunset is beatutiful. 

The Sample Gate is one of symbols of IU Bloomington, the Black&White makes it classcial. 

The campus is quite different from other time in fall. 

We have a nice art museum. She looks gorgeous in the morning. 

Squirrel in Bloomington are really cute. And fat.........

Bloomington's sky is fabulous, taking photos for the sky is my favorite. 


Many people have asked me what is my college like, the answer is always “ I seem to walk in a park every day". 

By Matailong Du

About The Author
Matailong DuIndiana Daily Student Photographer

Indiana Daily Student Photographer, Informatics major, Business cognate, Class of 2014