On Dat Study Grind

During a recent and lengthy period of procrastination, I made a discovery about myself that I wish to clarify to you, my lovely readers, whoever you are (mom and dad).

In an effort to escape the amounts of homework taunting me from my Oncourse page, I decided that it was time to clear my various social media outlets of any and all black mail worthy material. I began with my Twitter page, where I read and deleted many a tweet. After trashing the majority of my tweets, I quickly sent a small animal sacrifice up to the gods in the hopes that they would help a girl out, and remove the memory of my tweets from the minds of my poor followers. After I had collected myself and accepted my ruined Twitter rep, I moved on to my Facebook page where I quickly began deleting the first half of my Facebook life (which, if you must know, is basically me hitting puberty.) As a result of my picture purge on Facebook, my friends no longer have the pleasure of seeing me with braces, or worse, braces and bangs (sorry guys, I know you sick kids love that sh*t). Then, it was on to my MySpace page. Just kidding, who do you think I am? 

Anyway, back to this big discovery. After looking thoroughly through my life depicted by social media, I discovered that I basically just look like I go out all of the time. While this is pretty accurate, I wanted to take this time to reassure you, my readers (who I am sure are very concerned with my social tendencies), as well as my mother, that I do in fact study in Bloomington. To prove my point, I wanted to give you, the chosen ones, an opportunity to get a taste of some of my favorite covers on my awesome study playlist. The fact that I have a study playlist at all should be proof enough, but nevertheless, here we go. 

"Hey Ya" like this cover?? Sorry, bad joke. 

Who wouldn't love a cover by an artist who shares the same last name as one of our favorite childhood veterinarians, Dr. Doolittle! 

When I first heard Lana del Rey's "Video Games," I was too distracted by her big ol' lips to even decide if I liked it or not. Luckily, Ben Howard, a man with very average sized lips, covered it so that we can all finally enjoy this song. 

We all love listening to this song when we're driving around being our little hooligan selves, and now we have an awesome cover to study to, holler!

You all knew it was coming. 

Remember kids: It's all fun and games until you flunk out of college. Hope that these awesome covers have inspired all you brainiacs out there to get studying! Personally, I think these songs go great with a side of Econ. 

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