Girl Look at that Body

I think we can all agree that Mother Nature's been a bit of a tease this winter, giving us warm mornings, and snowy nights. Either way, students all over IU's campus are getting more and more anxious for Spring Break. Midterms are being pushed to the wayside and thoughts of the three B's have taken their place: Beaches, Bikinis, and... Beer Bellies? The Freshman 15 is no myth my friends, I've seen it happen to the best of  'em. College life is not nice to the bodies of those living it. However, you can beat the bulge, and get bikini ready in no time if you LISTEN TO EVERY WORD I'M ABOUT TO SAY.

  • Studying and snacking is the kiss of death. If you are like me, and you believe that each hour of studying should be accompanied with an abundance of delicious bad-for-me foods, then please listen to me. THIS IS NOT OK. While you are struggling through your finite homework and mindlessly eating Oreo after Oreo, your thighs gain at least one new fat dimple. Multiply this by the number of hours spent studying and eating and your thighs will quickly begin to resemble a container of cottage cheese.
  • If you don't already attend school here and haven't experienced the greatness that is late night delivery, I'm sure you've heard the rumors about fresh baked cookies and milk delivered straight to your door, the Big X deal that just can't be beat, and Jiffy Treat delivering ice cream in, well, a jiffy. Fortunately or unfortunately, the rumors are true. With drunchies and telephone, you can have any of these things delivered to you at any time of the night. If you would like to wake up with cookie crumbs in your bed laying on an empty pizza box, then be my guest. But if you would like to maintain your rockin' bod, do yourself a favor, and turn off your phone after about 1:30, and DO NOT save Pizza X's number in your contact list.
  • Although it's tempting to spend the majority of your free time wandering around the c-store, don't. The shelves are stocked with things with absolutely no nutritional value. Their only purpose in life is to make you momentarily happy, and then really, really sad, and then fat. If you would like to avoid the depression that comes immediately after you stuff your face and fit into the same clothes you came to college with, stay away from these sugary shelves and opt for healthier choices. The salad bar is always a good choice and the Eat Right place in the food courts offers lots of good-for-you home-cooked(ish) meals. Although Taco John's is right next door and the potato ole's might tickle your taste buds, they will also eliminate any hope of achieving a beach worthy bod.
  • Walk to class people. OK, I really have no room to talk here. I'm the girl who takes the bus from McNutt to Kelley, but if I wasn't a complete bum, I would totally walk there. But seriously, if you aren't the type of person to sweat it out in the gym, walking to and from class is the best way to whittle the waistline. 

No one likes to be the flabby kid forced to wear a t-shirt on the beach to hide their rolls, and this year, if you follow these tips, you won't have to be. Happy Spring Break to all you hunks and hotties out there!

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