Freshman Faux Pas

As a second semester Freshman, I like to think of myself as seasoned pro. Through many weeks of trial and error, I believe that I have been through enough embarrassment to say that I have learned the ropes of college life. I now know that wearing a lanyard around your neck is equivalent to walking around with the word FRESHMAN stamped on your chest, and raising your hand to ask to go to the restroom is no longer necessary. If you are an incoming freshman, or if you are that poor kid still walking around without a clue that you are making some of this common freshman mistakes, READ THIS.

  • Get Involved

I spent the majority of my first semester napping, doing homework, and going out, and while this lifestyle was enjoyable for a few weeks, I got bored. Because I was busy doing absolutely nothing productive, I missed out on all of the call out meetings for organizations on campus, I missed some great opportunities to get involved and meet new people. So, when you see chalk call-outs on the sidewalks of Bloomington for various student organizations, read them and go to them. It will make you time here so much more enjoyable!

  • Go Ahead and "Explore"

You don't need to come into college knowing exactly what you want to do with you life. I guarantee that at some point during your four years here, you will change your mind. Lord knows I didn't, and still don't, have any idea what I'm doing here. Choosing college majors is a big deal, go ahead and come in and take exploratory classes. If you come into college as an exploratory student, you have the chance to take tons of different classes to figure out your interests. For example, I have taken several communications courses, English courses, math courses, journalism courses, and yoga courses. Turns out I still hate math, but yoga is awesome. Future Yogi over here?

  • Seriously, Find Your Classes the Night Before

The majority of my first semester was spent running around campus, sweaty and lost. I was that girl who almost always walked into class at least 15 minutes late panting and disgusting. Don't rely on the GPS on your phone to get you to where you want to be. Turns out that my GPS thinks that Swain is the psychology building. It's not. Look for your classes the night before, it will save you a lot of time, sweat, and tears the next day, not to mention the embarrassment of being called out for being late in a lecture hall with 300 pairs of eyes mocking you and your tardiness.

  • Don't Buy Out the Bookstore

OK, so college is expensive, we all know that. Budget your money, and don't go to the bookstore to buy everything IU that you can find. I promise you that you will get ungodly amounts of IU stuff during your time here. I mean it's totally cool if you want to get a new sweatshirt or t-shirt, but you really don't need 1 shirt of every color and every style of sweatshirt available. Not only is that expensive, but if you're rocking the IU hat, shirt, and red and white striped sweatpants, you are a freshman, and people will yell at you when walking up and down Fee Lane.

    • Memorize this Song

    I was that girl at orientation who had no clue what was happening when this song came on. I was touring our lovely SRSC with my orientation group, and this song came on over the speakers. Everyone started singing and dancing, Daniel Weber himself was there singing it to us, and I was clueless. Everyone around me saw the blank look on my face and pushed me into the middle of a giant circle where I stood awkwardly bobbing my head. Daniel Weber (I, of course, had no idea who he was) stood there rapping to me, and I didn't do anything. Needless to say, I went home and memorized every word that night. To avoid any future Daniel Weber encounters similar to mine, watch this video and memorize every word.

    • Say Hello to Mamadu for Me

    And finally, if you ever find yourself in the Northwest area walking around McNutt's lovely c-store, look for the cutest little man that you ever did see. His name is Mamadu. Be his friend, he is awesome. 

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